HBO Edits 'Game of Thrones' Episode To Remove "Starbucks" Coffee Cup

We'll always have the memes of the Starbucks cup appearing on Game of Thronesbut you won't see it on HBO anymore. GoT Fans weren't to happy with that Starbucks Cup's invasion of their fictional world. Humans existing with Dragons? Yup...totally acceptable...but that Starbucks cup has ruined the illusion.

After the mistake of having a current coffee cup in the GoT episode, the mistake has been digitally edited out. The shot has been removed from HBO Go and HBO Now. As of this story, you can still see the cup on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

HBO admitted the mistake on Monday after fans from all over pointed it out during Sunday night's airing of GoT.

By The Way...that mistake equaled almost $11 Million in free advertising for Starbucks. The best wasn't even a Starbucks cup. It was from a local coffee shop in Ireland where they film. That must suck for the guy that owns that coffee shop!

📷Photo: Getty Images

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