Georgia Man Busted For Meth Had 70 Year-Old Klan Suit In Display Case

Clayton County Police served a search warrant and found the meth, as well as a 60-70 year old KKK suit on display in the MAIN HALLWAY?!

Clayton County Sheriff's Office executed the search warrant in Jonesboro at the home of Eric Spencer. They found the meth they where looking for, but where more blown away by the racist relic on display in home. It was a 60-70 year old KKK suit in light up display case. Long time neighbors said his Halloween decor is even more disturbing now, because he would always have nooses hanging from his trees.

The unemployed resident had $4-5K on him, as well as, scales, and baggies for distribution of methamphetamine. He was arrested and booked on many charges.

Though the suit is not illegal, its very disturbing and disgusting someone would display that in their home, as something of pride. UGH! That makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe they should let him display it in his cell now, and see how that turns out for him.

There is no place for this kind of hate and prejudice towards our fellow human beings. God created us all in HIS image, therefore he believes in the beauty of us all.

(photo credit: Clayton Country Sheriff's Dept.)