Airline Passenger Wore His COVID Facemask on His Eyes During Flight

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Well... that's not exactly gonna help much. Unless the goal was to get some more sleep.

On a recent Allegiant Airline's flight from Cleveland to Nashville, one twitter user on the flight snapped this picture of a man with his facemask over his eyes. Allegiant doesn't even require a mask until July 2nd, so it's odd he even wore it at all, if he wasn't gonna wear it correctly.

Jessica Hazeltine wrote "This was a photo I took on my flight from Cleveland to Nashville on Allegiant Airlines on Friday. Yes, this man used a surgical mask to cover his eyes. Yes, he wore the mask like this from departure to arrival."

<scratching my head> Is he silently protesting mask policies? Not really sure the correct way to wear it? Or told by his wife, "YOU BETTER WEAR A MASK!", so he used it for light filtering purposes?

I guess we'll never know but funny to see nonetheless!

18 states and many businesses across the U.S. have started requiring a mandatory mask in public, with rising numbers reaching peak levels since the beginning of the Pandemic.

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