520 Year-Old Massive Shark Tries To Swallow Submarine


Researchers discovered a pre-historic monster shark. It's one of the oldest and most massive sharks ever caught on video. It tried eating the observation submarine!

Off the coast of the Bahamas, researches descended into the depths of the ocean to study marine life when the 20-ft massive creature found them. Scientists think a Greenland shark like this caught in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2017 was about 512 years old and that this young lady was even older.

As they watched her digging in the sand, she suddenly turned and came at the submarine and tried biting pieces off of it as you can see in the video they captured. the scientists where beside themselves watching her in action. “This is a monster,” one of the scientists says in the video, as the shark checks out the tagging gun at the bottom of the sub.

Our morning show host Spencer Graves recently went on a shark diving expedition and saw a 17-ft great white that would've seemed small to this creature. However, when you look at how tiny he looked in this cage, you can see the relation of how massive these sharks where! WOW!



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