Guy Who Searched "How To Rob Store" Was Arrested For Trying It Out

Maryland State Police Mug Shot

Maryland police arrested a guy for robbing a gas station, after googling "How to..."? #MoronMonday

Maryland State Police warned people they probably shouldn't look to google for tips on their new found life of crime. Probably won't turn out so well. Proven by this moron, Joshua Matthew Johnson, who robbed a 7-eleven grocery store using tips he found online.

Johnson allegedly walked into a Maryland 7-11 and told the clerk he had a gun inside the puffy jacket he was wearing. He kept his hand in the jacket and had his face covered with a bandanna, according to reports. He made off with about $250 but was easy to find due to his unique clothing and a video of the robbery. Police later found the google searches where he found tips on the best (worst) tactics on pulling off the big heist.

I'd say, if you need to google "How to" when starting your hardened criminal career... probably should google "How to get a job?" instead.

(Baltimore Sun)




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