Man Vacationing in Gatlinburg Finds Bears Driving His Car

What would you do if you found a BEAR behind the wheel of your car? Tell him to grab some beer on the way back? It happened to a guy in Gatlinburg a few days ago.

A lot of people kind of secretly hope they get to see a bear when camping in the woods, just not so CLOSE... or in your car! Chad Morris, a Kentucky native, was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee last week when he found his car in the process of being over-taken by bears. One was literally sitting in the drivers seat looking like he was stealing the car, while his buddy tried hopping through the window for the joy ride.

“I was telling my friends, I want to see a bear, I want to see a bear you know?" Morris told 14 News. "Been lifting weights a little bit, want to see a bear, tussle with a bear and it was like well, you get four on one, now what do you wanna do big boy? And I was like nah, I’ll pass.” Haha I bet it was a shocking sight to see them IN YOUR CAR!

Fortunately, the bears didn't do to much damage and eventually left the car alone.

I would've probably yelled, "Grab some beer on your way back!", if they had taken off! I mean it kind of feels like a Budweiser commercial on some ways.

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