Child Rescued From Hot Car At Wal-Mart


Every year we get more stories about moronic parents that leave their kind in a hot car! Temperatures are rising, so let this be a public service announcement AGAIN... DON'T BE AN IDIOT!! Take your kids in with you, no matter how "quick" you're running in!

Things got chaotic in McDonough, GA when people frantically tired to kid a kid out of a hot car at Wal-Mart Tuesday night. So far the hottest day of the year! It was all caught on cell cameras, as people tired waking the child up and calling 911 to get help. Police finally broke the window and rescued the child. He was sweaty and dehydrated. (WSB-TV)

The father finally came out of the store with 2 other kids and was promptly arrested by police for his stupid actions!

THIS HAS TO STOP! Nothing makes me more angry than stupidity on this level. No matter if it's a kid or a pet, this gets me fired up! STOP!! I will break every window in your car if I see this without hesitation. rant is done! :-)



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