Golfer John Rahm Caught Peeing On A Tree A Tournament


This past weekends PGA tour Championship gave viewers an intimate look at one golfer. John Rahm was unknowingly caught by the TNT tV cameras peeing on a tree just off the field of play.

Rahm thought he was in a safe spot but didn't realize golfer Dustin Johnson was preparing to take his next shot directly in line with the tree he was watering. AWKWARD!

The video has gone pretty viral and will go down in PGA history as one of the most odd moments on the course. Rahm was later eliminated from the tournament after being +5 for the day. Not the kind of day he was planning on having as the 11th ranked golfer I'm sure. Maybe he was holding on to that pee a little too long and it affected his game. haha

The twitter comments where stellar:

“Dustin Johnson prepares to hit his approach as Jon Rahm pees on a tree. A gentleman’s game indeed. #PGAChampionship,” one user tweeted.

“Jon Rahm taking a page out of my golf strategy. #PGAChampionship,” another joked.

Truly, puts the Pee in PGA!



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