Petsitter Busted Hookin Up With Boyfriend On Doggie Cam #MoronMonday


It's 2019... assume there are cameras EVERYWHERE! This petsitter, did less tending to the 2 owners dogs and focused more on her boyfriends "snake". #MoronMonday

California petsitter Casey Brengle, 26, is looking for a different job now after she used her pet sitting job to just defile every room in the house she was working in. The woman,Rosie Brown, had hired Brengle to watch over her two pups,Penny and Daisy, while she was in Louisiana for her cousin's wedding. She had told Brengle about the doggie cam on the treat dispense that they use to check in on their beloved pups. Didn't bother Casey though, she invited her boyfriend over and what happened next was in full view of the owners when they check the cam! (ABC7News)



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