Drive-By Slapping Happened In Gwinnett County


I've heard of some crazy road rage in Atlanta before but I believe this is the first video of a drive-by slapping I've ever seen.

In Gwinnett County, police are looking for more info on a driver that was video taped in a road rage incident where he got out of his car and slapped a woman then left. Witnesses in a local business across the street from the incident caught it on tape. Around 1:30pm on Wednesday, the incident took place near West Pike Street in Lawrenceville. WSB 2 shared the video in hopes of helping find out who the driver that assaulted the woman was.

"Call the police! Call the police! It's a girl! Call the police!" can be heard from the witnesses as they tried getting authorities to come diffuse the situation. It all took place in less than a minute, so they weren't able to get there but are investigating and asking the driver who was slapped to come forward.

First off, If you are man that slaps a woman, you are a worthless and weak human being. Especially over something stupid. Secondly, I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious. Lastly, I am shocked this happened in Lawrenceville..... Now, Lennox Square or Brookehaven I could totally see a drive-by slapping happening!



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