New Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats


A Swiss movie theater is trying comfy beds as a new movie theater experience to give a more "home theater experience" to movie fans. Yeah... that can't possibly get awkward FAST!

In an effort to help bring back some audience theaters are losing to Netflix and streaming movie services, Switzerland’s Cinema Pathé in Spreitenbach just launched a "VIP Bedroom" cinema. For a little bit more per ticket, movies goers can get really relaxed and enjoy a new release movie like they're in their own bedroom. Yeah... I don't make it through movies in my bed. I'm either asleep at about 15 mins in, or busy with some adult activities that took priority with the cuddling happening. NO WAY this works out as planned.

A ticket for the VIP experience costs $48.50, but it does include free food and drinks. I wouldn't mind trying it out.... again though, Gonna get awkward. WITHOUT A DOUBT.




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