Man Sells Original 1st Gen iPod For Almost $20,000


Who knew, that crappy 5GB iPod you had could've paid out HUGE! One guy just got almost $20K for his! What have you collected that ended up being worth a payload?

Some people collect baseball cards, others coins, and some even beanie babies from the 90's, but one man's smart idea to never open his 1st generation iPod paid off HUGE for him. He sold it in an auction for $19,995 dollars recently. If you are an iPod collector there is quite a bit of money in it. According to The Gaurdian, a factory-sealed third-generation iPod shuffle is going for $999.95, a mint condition fifth-generation iPod classic,could get $1,394.99, and a silver first-generation iPod mini, $2,499.99. Well... DAMN! Should saved mine. (TheGaurdian)

I asked the OShow Fam if they had anything they had collected, even accidentally, that was worth some change. Listen:



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