Three Georgia Men Hoping To Win Hannah's Hearts On The Bachelorette Tonight

A couple Atlanta locals will be hoping to win a rose and possibly marry Hannah B.... or at the very least up their Instagram following. See which guys to root for tonight!

Luke Parker, 24, is from Gainsville, while Daron Blaylock, 25, and Matteo Valles are both from Atlanta. The will all 3 date Hannah B. for the next 2 months in hopews of "finding love" or at least their 15 mins of fame. I mean... how could love not work with 30 guys dating the same woman for several weeks, in the most exotic places, before one decides to put a ring on it?

It's has worked for a few couples but the odds are not "ever in your favor". I dated 3 girls in college at the same time and that didn't go well, but you put it on a national television show and it's "romantic" and "captivating". I don't get it. My wife still forces me to watch it, so I just making awkward kissing noises at various times. She hates it!

Hannah Brown is an interior designer from Alabama who was a contestant on the 23rd season of "The Bachelor." She was also a former beauty queen in the Miss Alabama pageant. She's beautiful and has a great personality but a tad bit awkward when she's we'll see how it goes. It's kicks off on ABC tonight.

CLICK HERE to see all the guys

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