Vacation Hack: Don't Get Caught Videoing Ladies In Bikinis By Your Wife

Vacation season is upon us. Little life hack for the gentleman reading this... don't get caught taping other women in bikini's on the beach by your wife. It's doesn't end well.

This video uploaded to Facebook by Bryan Boye is making the viral rounds of a man casually taking video of the ocean on vacation in Rio De Janeiro... and maybe tracking a couple attractive ladies in bikini's. Not a great idea when your wife is just a few feet away..... OR EVER for that matter. Did he just assume she'd never look through the vacation videos even if she didn't see him do it?

The title says it all "Man Records Last Seconds Of His Life On Vacation"


It abruptly ends with a pretty salty look from his wife! No one knows what happened to this man after this.....we can only speculate it wasn't pretty.



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