Highway Drivers Shocked By Car Driving On Brake Rotor

Texas drivers where stunned by one driver who was driving without a wheel, going in excess of 45 mph on it's brake rotor.

The video was captured by drivers in Houston on U.S.-59, known as the Southwest Freeway. Sparks where flying like crazy as the driver seemed oblivious to the fact that his wheel was gone and he was riding on the disc and caliper of his rear-driver side wheel.

ABC-13 shared the video that has sense gone viral because of how ridiculous it seems. You can here the nearby driver on the video say, "THEIR ON THE FREEWAY!" in awe of the stupidity.

There is no indication on where police caught up with the driver or how this horrible idea ended.

I had to put this person on the #MoronMonday list. Listen:

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