Top 10 Sexiest Cities In The U.S. List...... ATL Made The List

Valentine's Day is fast approaching...If you wanna have a SEXY experience. Here is a list of the sexiest places to do it in the U.S.

Adult toy retailer Lovehoney did some data crunching of sales and interests from customer over the past 3 years and they compiled what they are calling "The Sexiest Cities In The U.S." Some may surprise you!

  1. Morgantown, West Virginia
  2. Boulder, Colorado
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. Bozeman, Montana
  6. Atlanta, Georgia (WAY TO STAY SEXY ATLANTA! Gotta have something to do in traffic I guess!)
  7. Montpelier, Vermont
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  9. Orlando, Florida
  10. Dayton, Ohio

( Refinery29 )



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