How Has ‘Flashlight Mode’ Changed The Garth Brooks Concert Experience?

The lighter in the air is required concert behavior. It’s a way for fans to show appreciation and be part of a communal concert experience. We’ve all been there, raising a beacon to our favorite jam and looking around at the thousands of others doing the same. Technology has evolved, and we are seeing more cellphone flashlight modes lifted than we are witnessing lighters in the air.

Garth Brooks loves it.

While the “Friends In Low Places” entertainer has played countless shows, something that he always looks forward to is the onstage “shock factor.” The shock factor, not for the crowd but for the people performing on stage.

In an interview with Cody Alan, Garth shares that technology has changed his shows in the best way.

“It’s pretty cool man! And, what you don’t understand or what you don’t get is that as an artist there’s a lot of traditions that other artists do, and then the fans from those other artists come to your show, and they bring those traditions to yours. So, they catch you off guard, and when that happens then it’s fun, and you want to do that every night.”

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Garth candidly enjoys performing good music and handing the keys over to the crowd and enjoying the ride. Announcing a new tour date, Garth will be returning to Minneapolis on Saturday, May 4th to perform at US Bank Stadium. Tickets go on sale Friday, Dec. 14th at 10 AM CT.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.