Is Chris Stapleton Now Selling Candles?

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the Chris Stapleton fan in your life? Morgane Stapleton has shared a bright idea (literally) for the ideal stocking stuffer.

How about the Chris Stapleton candle?

The unique blue ink cream candle was developed and designed by Morgane Stapleton. Its distinctive scent is a combination of African ginger, rich mahogany, and deep Taboti wood.

Morgane shared the idea on Instagram with the caption, “The first time I ever lit this candle, I was immediately hooked — I knew instantly it was a scent I could not live without. I burn it in our home & backstage at every show we play. It’s perfect for whatever you may find yourself doing, whether cleaning the house or relaxing with a glass of wine. Mama always says if you don’t have a candle burning, something is missing! I couldn’t agree more & I am so excited to share it with you!”

The burn time for this candle is set at 60 hours, which is just enough time to sit back and slowly sip on some 'Tennessee Whiskey'.

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