Beverley Gilmour Dies 3x A Month, Details The Time She Met Jesus

Beverley Gilmour, the woman who says she dies and comes back to life 3 times a month, called into The Bobby Bones Show, to talk about her experiences and share details about the time she met Jesus and more.  

Over the last few months, The Bobby Bones Show has become fascinated by Gilmour's story about how she dies and comes back to life three times a month. She lives in the U.K., so when she called into the show, it was past three in the afternoon. Her near-death experiences started in 1987 when she was 22. At the time, she was a mother who would write children's stories for her kids, she was married and “life was really good.” The first time she had one of these near-death experiences was prior to a brain injury she sustained, but she said the experiences healed the injury. She said people think she only has these experiences because she was on a lot of medication from her brain injury, but that’s not the case, because prior to the first time she had a near-death experience, she wasn’t on any medicine and said it was spontaneous.  

On average, it happens to her about two to three times a month, but the older she gets, the more it’s been spread out. Last month she only died once, and the last time she experienced it was three weeks ago. They happen randomly but she can feel when they’re about to happen. She never has one standing up or consciously while she’s awake. They’ll happen when she’s going to bed and it starts to feel like she’s going into a deep sleep, but it’s actually the first stages of consciousness. Her heartbeat will change and start to become shallower until it slows down, and then she starts to feel her brain shut off in four parts. Once she had reached that stage, she couldn’t pull herself out of it if she wanted. She starts to float up and can look down and see herself laying below until she reaches the white light and goes through it to the other side and then everything becomes slow motion. She described it as “a transitioning of consciousness,” and that near-death experiences are a very beautiful and psychological event that are close to the person who had it.  

She didn’t tell anyone what had happened the first time she experienced it because she was scared that no one would believe her. She tried to tell her husband at the time after she tried to wake him up, but her hand went through her body, and explained to him that the spirit can’t hold anything, but he did not want to talk about it. For years she went to churches, psychics and other places looking for answers, but no one could give her the complete package of help she was looking for.  

Gilmour said when you cross over, you become the best version of yourself there. The first time she went, she saw her dad as the 52-year-old man he was when he died. Then a few years later she saw him again and he was 30 and in much better health mentally and physically. While there, she couldn’t find other people who have passed and bring them a message, she is only allowed to see who she is supposed to. She also does not go wandering around while she is there. When she comes back, she writes about everything she experienced because she’s been shown lessons and told ideas while there. She said the best way to explain it to people is she feels like she’s in school and every time she goes back, she learns more lessons as if she’s advancing to the next grade. 

The big experience she recalled was when she met Jesus. There were two single-file lines behind following him and every time he walked a marble floor appeared under him. She suddenly had this overwhelming desire to run up to him and when she approached him, her foot was slightly in front of his. He told her to look down and she saw that the floor had disappeared from under her, and she felt like she was going to fall. Once she backed up, he began to walk again and the floor reappeared. That’s when she realized that he did not sacrifice himself for us to be by his side, but so that we could follow him. She also recalled meeting Walt Disney and how he became her mentor on how to be a storyteller.  

Gilmour does not think these experiences are her just in a very deep sleep and dreaming, she is certain she dies and comes back to life, and it happens to her to bring back messages. Her biggest takeaway is to live in the here and now and all you need is love.  

On her website she writes two blogs a week about her experiences and hears from other people who have always had near death experiences. For more information visit  

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