Bobby Got Angry At Raymundo Over His 'Hot Tip'

Last week on The Bobby Bones Show, Raymundo shared with the show that he had a hot tip for an upcoming football game.

He shared that he had a really confident tip that the Indianapolis Colts were going to win their Sunday NFL game against the Jacksonville Jaguars by 8 points. The tip was so specific and the person was an insider so Raymundo thought everyone could really bank on it. So much so that Bobby Bones decided to give Raymundo a couple hundred to place on the bet.

Turns out the tip wasn't hot at all, the Colts ended up losing the game by 7 points. Bones was pretty upset about the situation since Raymundo guaranteed him a win, he texted Raymundo right at the loss saying "You suck." By the look of Raymundo's fiancé's post, Raymundo wasn't exactly happy with how the hot tip went down either. She shared a video of him getting really angry while watching the game.