Sam Hunt Feels Undeserving Of The Fame That Comes With His Music

It's been over five years since Sam Hunt dropped a full record of new music with his smash album Montevallo. Since then, he dropped two singles "Body Like A Back Road" in 2017, and "Downtown's Dead" in 2018. He gave fans some taste of new music with his album Between The Pines back in 2015, which was all acoustic versions of his biggest songs.

Now, Hunt is officially back with new music. He confirmed the news on The Bobby Bones Show just a few hours before his song "Kinfolks" is set to drop. Hunt told Bobby Bones that he will be putting out another song right before the holidays later this year, and the new album will be coming early next year. He shared that he's notorious for making little changes on songs the whole time right up until he puts it out. It wasn't until September of 2018 that Hunt realized he needed to get his new music and projects organized. So for the last year, he's been writing several songs and "KinFolks" was the song he felt was right to release first.

While talking about all of the fame that came after Hunt dropped Montevallo, he confessed to Bones that he is a reluctant star. Even the word 'star' makes him uncomfortable and the idea of it all is cringeworthy. He says that he did move to Nashville because he loved music and wanted to find a career in it, but he wasn't ready for everything to come when it did. He says all of it is very strange for him, he doesn't really like the pedestal he gets put on. He went further to say that he thinks the character and morale of a person is more deserving of that kind of attention, rather than the talent he possesses. Hunt continued saying that "it's just a talent, it's not a heroic talent."

Continuing his conversation on reluctant fame, Hunt says it's just his personality. He turned the direction to Luke Bryan, who he believes is more comfortable in the environment of fame and stardom. Hunt says Bryan is very outgoing, and he is also outgoing himself, but overall feels undeserving of the fame that comes.

Not only has Hunt removed himself from some of the fame that came with his music releases, Hunt says he's also stepped away from Instagram for a couple years now. He used it as his own personal experiment of how it affected his life, even taking the app completely off his phone. He says with new music coming out though, he will get back on it and be better again.