Lunchbox Makes Huge Life Announcement

A big life announcement was teased on The Bobby Bones Show for a few days with no one in the studio having any idea what was happening.

Turns out it was Lunchbox who had some really big news to share with everyone. He has been hiding the secret for a few months now. His son Baby Box is just over a year old now and his wife is pregnant with baby number 2! Lunchbox's second child will be due on March 10th.

While the gender of the baby has yet to be revealed, it is only a matter of time before we hear the news. Get ready for double the Baby Box updates and fun watching Lunchbox be a dad to not one, but two babies.

He revealed that this second pregnancy has been a lot harder on them as his wife has been more nauseous and she is already dealing with some Gestational Diabetes. Keeping with his tradition of bringing on his softer side, Lunchbox cried upon revealing the news to everyone.

Watch the full announcement go down below!