King Calaway Confess Early Airport Calls May Be The Reason They Ever Fight

King Calaway is made up of six guys Chris Deaton, Caleb Miller, Simon Dumas, Jordan Harvey, Chad Michael Jervis, and Austin Luther. They just released their debut album Rivers after forming in the past year. Outside of the forming at the band, several of the members have had huge life things happen in the past few months.

Chris just got married to his high school sweetheart. The two had been dating for 8 years before getting married, they even went to prom together. Chris proposed to his now wife when he was washing buses and King Calaway had yet to exist. He just got back from his honeymoon, but while in studio with Bobby Bones Show, everyone noted he didn't have his wedding ring on. He says he's married and very proud, but his ring kept falling off so he's having to get it fixed.

Caleb is the youngest in the group at just 19-years-old and he just graduated high school. Both Chris' wedding and Caleb's graduation, the whole band was there in attendance to witness these big life changes.

Bobby Bones asked if there was any turmoil in the band yet, and they all said no, but the early airpot calls are difficult on all of them. Caleb, despite being the youngest, always takes the most clothes and shoes on the road. While on tour, they share hotel rooms and always have the same roommate.

The band continues to grow as they've opened for Garth Brooks and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live amongst many other things in just the past year. Watch their cover performance of "Take It Easy" on Bobby Bones Show's IGTV Channel here.