TMSG: Coworkers Buy New Car For Man After His Was Stolen

A restaurant dishwasher who saved for months to buy a new car for his family was devasted when his whip was stolen shortly after. But he no idea his co-workers had teamed up to buy a replacement. 

Kea Senegal works at Ruffino’s in Louisiana. According to the restaurant manager Chris Muffuletta, when he and the staff learned about Kea’s situation, they knew they had to help. Within days the team raised $2,500 – a local automotive group even decided to match their funds. 

About a week after Kea’s car was stolen, the restaurant crew surprised him with 2015 Chevy Malibu. The video footage of his reaction showed the young man in tears during the big reveal.

“He is a very solid employee, well liked and just a great overall guy,” the manager said. “It was very nice to be able to give back a little, especially during the Christmas season.”

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