New Artist Harper Grae Shares Emotional Story and Song About Her Mother

Harper Grae is a new artist to the Nashville scene and one that's proving to make her career about her truths. Grae ran into Bobby Bones at a yoga studio in Nashville, the two got talking and despite her career, Grae never mentioned anything to Bones until the end of the conversation. Bones pushed for an answer about what Grae does for a living and she finally confessed. 

Bones listened to Grae's current song "Monster" while traveling after their chance encounter. The song struck a chord with Bones and he asked her into his radio show The Bobby Bones Show to perform and share her emotional background. 

Grae is about to release Buck Moon Medleys, a four-song collection that was co-written by Grae and other Nashville innovative writers. The songs were written following the death of Grae's mother in December 2017. Their relationship was a lifelong balance of loss, hope, and disappointment as her mother had a dark story and struggled with some addictions. Something that Bones can certainly relate to being that his mother had her own dark story saying to Grae, 

"I don't feel sorry for you, but I empathize with you. [...] This story will only make you better and stronger." 

As Grae continued sharing her emotional journey being raised by her grandparents and aunt, she said that those circumstances are what defined her as a songwriter and artist. She wants to be the one to encourage people to share and talk about the dark stories of their life because everyone's story is important. 

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