Bobby Sends Video To Amy's Son About His Lice Situation

Amy of The Bobby Bones Show's son recently had lice. He had to stay home from school, have a lice doctor go through his hair, and then get his head shaved. For kids, lice can sometimes bring on other kids teasing them and then embarrassment. However, Bobby Bones and Amy wanted to make sure that her son didn't feel scared or bullied. 

Bones knows what it's like to have lice and get reprimanded for it in front of classmates, so he wants to end that stigma of lice being a bad thing as well as make Amy's son feel better in the process. Bones sent Amy's son a video and her son loved every minute of it! Amy captioned the video on Instagram,

bobby sent stevenson a nice video msg about getting lice {he thought they were FaceTiming} so sweet!! thanks @mrbobbybones.

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