A Microwave, Cash, Beer and Golf Clubs Were Included In The Gift Exchange

The Annual Bobby Bones Show gift exchange is now complete. This morning (December 5) the 9 show members exchanged gifts to commemorate the holiday season and a tradition that's happened on the show for years. 

This year's gift exchange theme was "gift something you already own." A theme that truly could have gone either way, depending on how you think. For the most part, the gifts were thoughtful and fit the person perfectly. For the most part is key though. 

A recap of everyone's gifts given and received below!

  • Bobby gave phone screener Hillary a box of cash so she can go home to see her family.
  • Amy gave Raymundo 3 golf clubs
  • Lunchbox gave Bobby a portrait of himself, a naked woman painting, Bobby's authored books and a pack of breast milk
  • Eddie gave Morgan2 an old school Nikkor camera his dad used
  • Morgan2 gave Eddie a cooler, that was filled with IPA beer and a custom Texas bottle opener/decor
  • Raymundo gave Amy a microwave
  • Mike D gave Morgan1 an M t-shirt from his comedy opening stints
  • Morgan1 gave Lunchbox his ripped $1 from last year, recycling bags, baby onesie, and poo-pourri
  • Hillary gave Mike D apples, an apple slicer, coasters, and a Thomas Rhett hometeam hat

Check out this video recap of everyone opening their gifts!

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