There May Be A Song Coming Out About Bobby

Things could be getting really interesting, really soon for Bobby Bones. Bones has had a few serious relationships, unfortunately, all of them ended for various reasons. But the big thing about all of them is that Bones has never said "I love you" to anyone. For that reason and many others, these relationships just didn't work out.

Turns out that one of his past girlfriends is working on a song that is about him. And the title of it alone is pretty brutal. The way he found out? The ex asked Bones if he wanted to hear it before it got released. He didn't though, because he wanted them to put it out without his interference of their art. 

However, Bones did make sure to note on his radio show The Bobby Bones Show, that he hopes it isn't very bad, because well... he has a microphone, too. Listen to his reaction below.

Song About Bobby

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