Amy Doesn't Want Her Son To Be Embarrassed After He Got Lice

There has been some itching going on lately around Amy's household. Her son came to her and said that he's been itching. First, they thought it was fleas because her son has been allowing the dog to come in the bed with him. Turns out, when he was back to school this Monday (December 3), he had lice. 

The mystery was finally solved, but lots of work left to do. They had a lice doctor come over and got everything taken care of. Now the whole family is healthy, but Amy and Bobby wanted to use this opportunity to share with families, parents and kids alike that lice is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not embarrassing and it's something that happens to almost everyone. 

Listen below to the full exchange. 

Amy's Son Had Lice

Photo: Getty Images

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