The Show Shares Their Reactions to Amy’s Acting in Movie ‘Holiday Harmony’

Holiday Harmony, the movie Amy’s in, came out on Thanksgiving (November 24) and the show shared if they watched it and their thoughts on Amy’s role!  

Over the holiday weekend, Amy got tagged in a lot Instagram post from people showing they were watching the movie. A few listeners even called in to share their thoughts with one even saying he felt Amy was a “Hollywood big shot" in the movie. The show played Amy’s bathroom scene clip. In the scene, the main character runs into the bathroom upset and Amy follows her and eavesdrops on her phone call. Once she’s off the phone, Amy has a conversation with her and encourages her to stay true to herself.  

Eddie watched the movie Saturday night with his wife. He thought it was good and even played a drinking game for every time they said iHeartRadio. But, about 30 minutes in he passed out and didn’t finish it. He’s not sure if he’ll go back and watch it again. Bobby Bones said he fast forwarded and only watched Amy’s part and thought she did really well with her acting! Lunchbox hasn’t watched it yet but plans to in the next day or two.  

Amy watched it with all family and friends on Thanksgiving Day in Texas. She had to fast forwarded through some scenes since there were little kids present and it got awkward, but she said everyone enjoyed it! She later watched the whole movie with her family and her son went up to the screen during her scene and recorded it on his iPad. Watching it back in Texas with family meant a lot to her. The second time she watched it she realized one of her lines in the bathroom scene had gotten cut and she’s not sure why.  

Amy wouldn’t disclose how much money she made doing the movie. But she did share that they sent her a big check a few weeks after filming to compensate for not feeding her on the set on time.  

Amy wants people to know it’s available on HBO Max and you can watch it whenever! 

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