The Ten Biggest Life Decisions

As we go through life, we've got to make some big decisions. A new UK survey asked people about the biggest decisions they've had to make, you probably won't be too surprised by #1- it's whether or not to have kids.

The poll also finds that settling down with a partner is actually the first major life choice folks will make, while 28 is the age people say they make the most of their vital life decisions.

Top Ten Biggest Life Decisions

  1. Having children
  2. Getting married
  3. Moving to a house
  4. Learning to drive
  5. Retiring
  6. Buying a property with a partner
  7. Breaking up with a partner
  8. Choosing to save or spend money
  9. Getting a divorce
  10. Quitting a job

(Click here for the complete list)

Source:SWNS Digital

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