Survey Says: This Is How Long It Takes To Get Comfortable In A Relationship

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows, it takes time before you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with that person. So, exactly how long should it take before you get comfy with an S.O.?

According to a new poll, it takes a couple seven and a half months to achieve that “comfort zone ,” with the biggest sign you’re there being that you let your partner see you or take care of you when you’re sick (73%). Other top signs you and your partner are comfortable with each other include: 

  • Not wearing make-up (63%)
  • Crying (63%)
  • Snoring in their sleep (60%)
  • Showering at their place (59%)
  • Leaving the door open while using the bathroom (56%)
  • Not shaving (55%)
  • Being naked around the house (55%)
  • Sleeping in a hair wrap or bonnet (40%)
  • Wearing a retainer to bed (34%) 

Of course, some things can happen earlier than the seven and a half months. In fact, the poll finds that it takes, on average, only four-months and 17-days before a couple has sex for the first time. It also takes six-months and 13-days to talk about your or your partner’s period, six-months and 18-days before you’re comfortable walking naked around the house and six-months and 25-days before you're comfortable passing gas in front of your partner. Interestingly, one of the things that takes the longest, is being comfortable enough to share a Netflix/Hulu account, which actually takes seven-months and 24-days. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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