Jana Kramer Calls Timing Of Breast Augmentation 'Interesting' Amid Divorce

Jana Kramer poked fun at the timing of her breast augmentation procedure, which she's currently recovering from amid her divorce from Mike Cuassin following six years of marriage.

Over on social media, Kramer, 37, offered fans a "boob update" after visiting her Tennessee-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Unger for her last checkup. "I'm actually really happy about them. Interesting timing, but I'm happy about them," she told her doctor after he revealed that her surgery seems to be "healing beautifully."

Kramer underwent the knife in March to "celebrate" her freedom to do whatever she wants with her body in honor of International Women's Day. "After many years of consideration I have decided to get a breast augmentation and lift. I want to be open about WHY. First off, because 'I' want to. That right there should be enough, but I feel like I need to explain the 'I' part," she explained in a lengthy Instagram post.

Kramer admitted that had previously considered having plastic surgery "with everything that happened" in her marriage. That part of her post was in reference to the multiple affairs that the former NFL player had prior to entering treatment for sex addiction in 2016. They separated that year, before renewing their wedding vows in 2017. Ultimately, she decided to wait until after she had her kids: Jolie Rae, 5, and Jace Joseph, 2.

"After having babies, I had a new set of insecurities with my body. Things didn't go back to normal, and I carry a lot of embarrassment when I'm undressed. I don't want to feel that way anymore," she continued, deeming that the moment it all clicked.

As we reported, Kramer went public with her split from Caussin in late April. In her filing, Kramer requested that the court honor a postnuptial agreement that the pair made before getting married that she gets granted primary custody of their children. Caussin will be allowed visitation rights.

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