All The Songs Taylor Swift Has Released 'From The Vault,' So Far

Taylor Swift's Fearless (Taylor's Version) is coming, and so far, it sounds even better the second time around!

As many of you know, Swift is re-recording her first six albums following a series of unfortunate events in recent years, and Fearless is the first offering she's dropping this year. What's more, she's making the rerelease even more special by sharing not one, not two, but six never-before-heard original tracks "From the Vault" after all these years.

Since we Swifties gotta keep each other in the know, scroll down for a running list of all the vault songs Swift has released and announced, so far.

"You All Over Me" feat. Maren Morris

Swift's first tune to release "From the Vault" came March 2021 via a duet with the country songbird Maren Morris, who lends vocals on the emotionally-charged ballad.

"Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Swift's second vault song, which appears on Fearless (Taylor's Version), released on April 7. Rumor has it (from Swifties, that is) is that the song was written in 2008 about her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, who infamously (and allegedly) broke up with her over a 25-second phone call.

ICYMI: Jonas' wife, Sophie Turner, had quite the surprising reaction to hearing the track.

"That's When" feat. Keith Urban

This track, released April 9, marks Swift's second studio collaboration with country rocker Keith Urban. (They both performed on Tim McGraw's "Highway Don't Care.") In 2009, Swift, a rising star at the time, opened for Urban's "Escape Together World Tour." She returned the favor years later, in 2017, when she invited him to on stage during her "1989 World Tour."

"We Were Happy"

This track was released on April 9 on Fearless (Taylor's Version), and includes backing vocals from country musician Keith Urban.

"Don't You"

This track was released on April 9 on Fearless (Taylor's Version).

"Bye Bye Baby"

This track was released on April 9 on Fearless (Taylor's Version).

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