Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph Teases 'Simple But Hopeful' New Song

As Tyler Joseph says he's "always writing," and while most of that music ends up on a Twenty One Pilots record, the singer's been working on a song that can't wait until the next album cycle. On Sunday night (April 5), Joseph shared a series of tweets teasing a "simple but hopeful" new track.

"always writing, but this one feels like it should just come out now," he wrote. "first song i ever wrote on electric guitar. i think it’s simple but hopeful."

Though he wants to put the new tune out ASAP, Joseph confessed he hates giving himself deadlines. "give me a few days to finish it up," he said. "a good rule of thumb is to never give yourself a deadline so tweeting about it kind of just added pressure, it’s not done yet.

He continued by announcing he wanted to donate the song's proceeds to the Crew Nation charity. "i also want a portion of whatever money this song makes to go to this charity i saw called crew nation. it provides funding for people who work in the live music industry who don’t have a job right now," he tweeted. "no one knows when live music will get back on its feet. i’ve met so many amazing people working venues and touring with bands. hopefully we can do something to help some through this song."

Joseph ended his thread by giving his bandmate Josh Dun a heads up that's he's going to have some work to do. "josh, i’m sending you some files," he wrote.

See the series of tweets below.

Though Joseph may be busy writing music at home, that's not the only thing occupying his time right now. In February, he and his wife Jenna welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Rosie Robert Joseph.

Photo: Getty Images