Lady Antebellum Confirms New Heart Wrenching Single Is Coming

Lady Antebellum shares breaking news with Cody Alan, and it is music to our ears!

On Wednesday, April 24th, Dave Haywood hit social media with a snap via Instagram of the trio looking rather dapper in a behind the scenes photo. The caption, “Getting ready for some new @ladyantebellum music.”

The rumors have been confirmed. Lady A is coming in hot with a heartbreak inspired new track reminiscent of their smash hit, “Need You Now.”

The title? “What If I Never Get Over You.”

The title alone is heavily laden with emotion. Charles Kelley shared with Cody, “It’s the closest song that really has that “Need You Now” feel. We wanted to get away from that for a little while because we didn’t want to be “just that band,” and now, we cut the song and it was just like “WOW.” We turned it into a duet and it just “feels like us” and it feels like a great intro to the record.”

“Isn’t it something when you just think about the title, you think, “What if I never get over you?” adds Hillary Scott. “When you are amid heartbreak, we have all asked ourselves that question.”

The band couldn’t confirm an official release date, but they did share that the track will be here in “about a month.”

Lady A, don’t you worry, we will be right here waiting.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.