Weird baby products you swear by OR never use?

When you become a parent, it’s overwhelming to discover the massive world of modern baby products. There’s something to “solve” every issue and make parenting “easier,” but a lot of it is gimmicky or useless in real life. To keep you from buying a bunch of crap you’ll be dragging to Goodwill in three months, here are some baby products moms and dads can’t live without, according to members of Lifehacker’s Facebook parenting group.

  • These Toys That Are Covered in Tags - They’re called Taggies and when you first see one, you won’t get it. But when a kid who loves to put everything in her mouth lays eyes on one, she’ll start chewing away and it all makes sense.
  • This Strap That Saves You From Bending Over - SippiGripattaches to a high chair or stroller so mom doesn’t have to keep picking the sippy cup off the ground 1,000 times.
  • This Pick That Safely Scrapes Out Your Baby’s Boogers - Oogiebear is a double-sided tool parents love because as gross as it is, it picks your baby’s nose. Sounds nasty, but their nostrils are so tiny, this tool helps clear out snot with one side and boogies with the other end, so little ones can breathe.
  • This Massive Carabiner That Frees Your Hands - These thingshook onto a stroller so you can hang things up and free your hands, which is always helpful.
  • This Toothbrush With 360 Degrees of Bristles - The Brilliant Baby Toothbrush has bristles all around it, so you “can’t miss” when trying to clean your tot’s teeth.
  • This Coat That Has a Pouch To Snugly Hold Your Baby - A babywearing coat keeps you and your little one warm, eliminates the need for a stroller, and lets you carry your baby hands-free. This would definitely make it easier to get around in a city with a baby in the winter.


For me parents recommended the NoiseFrida, the Diaper Genie and the Bumbo chair. I have two out of the three at my house and guess what? I never opened or used any of them. 

What is something a friend recommended to you that you NEVER use? OR, better yet... what is something you swear by? Let me know under the Facebook post.

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