Maren Morris Talks New Music, Having Kids in Twitter Q&A

If you're Maren Morris and you're on a long flight, what do you do? You reach out to your fans and have a Twitter Q&A. That's exactly what she did yesterday and immediately the questions started flowing in from fans. Over the next couple of hours, we learned so much about the Grammy award-winning artist.

She spilled on her forthcoming sophomore album and the children she plans to have very soon. Maren revealed her new project will feature two collaborations and the first single will drop in a “couple months.” 

One of the songs on the album is called “Gold Love,” which she says is the hardest song she’s ever written. Additionally, her most favorite song she’s ever written, Maren tweets, is also one from the new album “about girls.” 

As for children, Maren gets honest and writes she “literally [has having kids] blocked out on [her] calendar next year.” 

For now, she continues support duties on the Flicker World Tour with pop star Niall Horan.

Photo: Getty Images

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