Brett Young Turned 'Mercy' Into A Summer Hit

If you asked any of the experts, they would tell you if you’re going to release a song for the summer, it should probably be fun and upbeat and definitely not a ballad. Brett Young’s latest single, “Mercy,” is a huge hit despite not following that formula, and Brett says, “We put a ballad out that was going to live through the summer. And we did that because the response we were getting from this song every time we played it live or every time we tried to like, leave before an encore and pretend we weren’t going to play it live, it was just overwhelming.”

Brett and his people considered other songs to be his fourth single, but with “Mercy” he says, “The response it got it kind of took all logic out of the equation because it was such a no brainer.  And this song was an 11th hour song that almost didn’t make the record but not because we didn’t love it, because of how late I wrote it. And so this has been a really fun one for me.”

Not only is “Mercy” Brett’s fourth single, it’s his fourth Platinum certified single off his Platinum certified debut album.

Photo: Getty Images