Yes! Kitchen hacks that will save money, time

We love a good life hack that saves us time or money or make life easier. All of these handy hacks help us out in the kitchen.

  • Place plastic wrap around the stems of bananas to extend their freshness - This restricts them from emitting ethylene gas, which is what ripens them.
  • Keep strawberries fresh longer by soaking them in vinegar and water - The vinegar-water solution kills mold spores on the berries, then just drain, rinse, dry and refrigerate after the soak.
  • Extend the life of your lettuce with a paper towel - Just cover a container of leafy greens with a paper towel and plastic wrap and refrigerate. Swap out the paper towel for a new one when it gets damp because that’s the key to getting rid of excess moisture.
  • Keep asparagus fresh longer - Just cut an inch off the bottom of a bunch of asparagus, put them in a jar with two inches of water, cover with a plastic bag and stick in the fridge. Watch the water and replace it when it gets cloudy and your stalks should stay fresh for a week.
  • Scrub a greasy pan with eggshells and dish soap - The abrasive action gets the gunk off.
  • Brew some lovely tea with apple skins and ginger - No tea bags? No problem. Just peel and apple and put the skins along with some ginger in your tea infuser, add hot water and it’s DIY tea.
  • Make a bug repellent out of coffee grounds - Put some leftover coffee grounds in a small bowl, let them dry out, and stick the bowl where pests bother you. Singe some of the grounds with a lighter and the scent should keep those buggers away.

Source: Buzzfeed


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