Trending: #MyBumperStickerSays (Note:NSFW content)


If you're gonna ride my ass, at least take me to dinner first. 

My child sells weed to your honor student. 

I text and drive. Good luck.  


 I’m from Texas. I’m probably armed. And crazy. Back off! I'd rather be Tweeting. 


The Closer you get, The Slower I drive...  


My child was a high school drop out. 

My spirit animal ate your stick figure family. Bitch on board.  


My honor student says yours slept their way to the top. 

Honk if you retweet. I hate bumper stickers.  


Bumper stickers are for losers! 

Caution: This vehicle makes frequent stops at your mom’s houses.  My other ride is your Dad.  


A--holes in the mirror, are closer than they appear! 


My driving scares me too. 

Watch out for the idiot behind me 

Snitches get stitches.  


I BRaKe FoR aNiMaLs 

Stop Honking! I’m on the phone!

I Break For Hashtaggers 


I follow back


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