Study: Proposals are becoming less surprising

According to Market Watch,

  • When it comes to proposals, more than 50% of couples say the ring is still a surprise.
  • 30% say they drop hints about the ring, or shop around before the big moment, while one-in-three will show their partner a picture of a ring they like beforehand.
  • 25% will invite others to witness the big moment, while more than half will tell friends and family in advance that it’s about to happen.

My proposal story wasn't a surprise at all. I knew my boyfriend had the ring all along. I just had this hunch that he was going to proposal. He took me to New Orleans, where I spent quite some time living off and on as a child. When we were leaving, I told him "You really aren't going to do it. You really aren't going to propose?!". Then he finally pulled the ring out after I told him I wanted to at least see it. Then, I asked if I could wear it. BUT WAIT! I told him he had to propose at least. So, my now husband, got down on one knee in a parking garage in New Orleans. #Classy -Brittany

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