Weirdest thing you've ever put in your mouth?

(NY TimesIt seems every few weeks another challenge takes social media by storm.

Some, like the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” promote a cause. Others, like the bottle-flipping craze, are benign. But then there are those fads that are ill-informed or, worse, dangerous.

The latest, the “Tide pod challenge,” belongs in that category. It involves biting down on a brightly colored laundry detergent packet of any brand and spitting out or ingesting its contents, an act that poses serious health risks.

YouTube and Facebook said they will remove material showing people who have recorded themselves performing the challenge. 

I have to know! What is the WEIRDEST thing you put in your mouth as a kid? Amy Graham from Watson said 6 pins (yes, sewing pins)! Corey said a grasshopper, LOL. What about you? -Brittany

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