Fidget Spinners? Kids love them, we don't get it

I remember when the 'yo-yo' was the hot toy when I was little girl. I also remember when the almost every kid had a 'Razor Scooter'. I had one of those.. of course I did!

But what are the kids playing with in 2017 besides Xbox? Fidget Spinners. Kids are comparing theirs to others in color, which one puts out more sparkle when it spins, or whose will spin the longest.

Wal-Mart & Toys R Us can't keep up with the demand for fidget spinners. The demand for them will keep growing into what Toy R Us believes won't be just a fad. According to the Chicago Tribune, this summer, Toys R Us will stock DC Comics and Marvel-themed spinners, along with exclusive light-up, metallic and glow-in-the-dark versions.

As an adult, I don't get the it, but I better "get with it" because my boy will be born in August and will one day want the newest and coolest toy.

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