Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer Only Things Stolen During Break-In

Pittsburgh, PA -- Lindsay Duplinsky went for a walk recently with her family and their dog, and when they got home, they saw the back door was open.

Somebody had broken into their Pittsburgh home in the middle of the day,she told WPXI.Besides her watch, they didn’t steal money, jewelry or what would normally be considered valuables.

Whoever broke in stole the family’s hand sanitizer, disinfectant and other essentials that are much needed, but in short supply, during thecoronaviruspandemic.

They even stole the toilet paper.

“This is where our kids lay their head at night, this is their home, that’s the concerning part,” she told WPXI.

Her daughter has asthma, and her inhaler was stolen, too, she said.

She called the police, who have not yet made an arrest.

The family of six donates regularly to area food banks, and they have supplied their neighbors with essentials, when needed, over the last few weeks. She said this doesn’t deter her, and she will continue to help the community.

“It’s a tough time but if they needed something, even if we didn’t know who they were, all they had to do was ask, especially for toilet paper,” Duplinsky told the station.

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