Third Graders Remix "Old Town Road" For Math Test

It's great to see kids get excited about school! Ms. Merlette's class in Birmingham has used the viral song "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. The lyrics go like:

“I’m gonna ace my test. I’m gonna raise my score I’m gonna solve ’til I can’t no more. I got the answers in the back, scratch work is attached, pencils in my bag, and I’m solvin’ mighty fast.
School is my task, I can do this math— really quick and fast— education is that swag. Can’t nobody stop me from learning, can’t stop me from learnin’. The wheels in my head keep churnin’, they keep on churnin’.

Seriously, we haven't seen kids this pumped up to take a math test ever!

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