Taylor Swift Surprises Couple By Serenading Them During Engagement Party

I can't figure out whether or not Taylor Swift knew this dude requesting she stop by his engagement party in advance. We're they friends before? That would require me to do more research and I am already nearing the end of my ADHD Meds for today. Anyway... I know an email was exchanged at some point between Taylor Swift and this guy. Either way...Taylor Swift showed up and played Alexander's new fiancé, Ross's favorite Taylor song for Ross and the guests at this Hollywood Bar during thier engagement party.  

Taylor popped out her guitar and before she started..made this little announcement:

“I’ve been off tour for a while but hopefully it’s still all right,” Swift said. “This is from Alex. It’s sung by me, but it’s from Alex.”

...then she launched into "King of My Heart"

Way to go Taylor! No one gives back more to their fans! She once tweeted about me...and I got a hand written letter telling me how nice it was to meet me. I'm positive she meant every single word of it. At some point I hope to sell it on EBAY and retire. (FOCUS!!!!)

Ok...I'm sure there are more details to the story...but...honestly...I usually don't even know this much about events happening in my own life. My brain has already wandered off...so...if you want an better explanation...just click here

Taylor Swift

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