The "Limo Jet" Is The New Way To Ride In Luxury


If you ever wanted to look really "fly" going to a major event like a wedding or concert, this new Learjet limo doesn't even need a pilot.

The "Limo Jet" is worth over $5 million and took the company Jetsetter over 12 years to create. From head to toe, it's a thing of wild proportions and extravagance. I wouldn't want to be the one who has to turn a corner with it though or parallel park it. That sounds awful.

Unfortunately, you probably won't be seeing this driving around with 15 teenagers headed to a Bieber concert anytime soon, because Daddy has way too much money. Jetsetter told The Points Guy , it's “not for the purpose of driving it around.” Instead, they'd like the Limo Jet to be used “more towards marketing [one’s] product or event.”

Looks like I need to start a company that can afford this ASAP. I need to ride in this thing!



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