23-Year-Old With "Mermaid Hair" Is The World's New Viral Infatuation


Thanks to the Kardashian's making colored hair the new fashion trend, you see colors from the entire spectrum on people's heads these days. One woman in the U.K. is instagram famous because of her rainbow colored "Mermaid Hair".

Amy Witham, of Middlesbrough, UK, is known as "Amy The Mermaid" in IG because her hair is so colorful and bright. She looks like a Barbie fell into a barrel of melted crayons, but she pulls if off well. I imagine there are many copycats in trailer parks across the world, who look more like they got assaulted and left for dead by a unicorn.

Amy has gathered over 331K followers on her Instagram . She does tutorials on makeup and hair and style blogging as well.

Admittedly, I'm kind of crushing a little! Sorry Ariel... there's a new mermaid with my heart.



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