Neighbors Call 911 Over Christmas Display

Over a dozen people called 911 and one retired veteran ran in to save this fake Clark Griswold hanging from the roof at one Austin, TX home. 

The Heerlein family went all in to try to win the nieghborhood display crown took a scene from "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation" where Clark Griswold hangs from the roof of his house while trying to put up Christmas lights. Now people are thinking it was a real person in distress! 

The Heerleins bought a dummy online , dressed it like Clark Griswold , then hung it from the gutters with a ladder close by tipping over. 

It was a super funny display but not to the veteran who was seen on their security camera trying to save the man hanging from the gutter, before he realized... it wasn't real. Over a dozen people have called 911 as well, so the family has now added a sign so people know it's fake. 

How awesome though!! Slow clap for them! This is basically exactly how I look hanging a wreath from the top of my house this weekend! haha No Joke! 

Here is another Lights Display that is causing a bit of a stir.... Hmmm. What do you see?